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Roxanne�s primaries are available in Stainless steel and Mild steel in any length the buyer specifies. If not specified, tubes are manufactured to the best length for each engine type as determined by our dyno testing. We have accomplished extensive testing on 1200 and 1600 VW motors as built by Noble, Chuck, Autowerks, Butler, Peak and Racecar Supply, and on FF and FC Ford motors. We have also tested our systems on Yamaha and Suzuki DSR motors. Our primaries are stepped for best performance and work especially well with our Tri-Y/4-2-1 collectors. All of our stainless steel primary joints are TIG welded and built as close as possible to �same length�. We include stainless steel springs for all tubes for positioning and a good seal at the collector inlets. Our collectors are available in different configurations so that you may �tune� your exhaust system for best performance on different track configurations.

Drivers using Roxanne�s stepped primaries have won more national FV races than all other exhaust suppliers combined in 2004 and 2005, and through mid April 2006 have won 19 of 23 national races sampled.

Typically 3 to 4 weeks for cars for which we have previously built systems, and 5 to 6 weeks for one-off / custom systems.

Immediately available for most FV models

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